Decent Story, Disappointing Decisions

One mistake.

One man.

And now Dinah is running from her past.

Leaving the city life behind her, Dinah turns to Kansas, pursuing dreams of becoming a Harvey Girl.

But her past haunts her.

When Amos Ackerman starts to pursue her, she is confused. And when her past comes to light, will Amos reject her?

Fact: Well written and well researched. A fairly interesting historical fiction – it represents accurate “stereotypes” of the time period. The characters are well developed, although they appear quite shallow at times. Still, a likeable and interesting story.

Feeling: While the romance developed well, and I realize a writer needs some issues to resolve in order to create an intriguing story line, I was very disappointed in Amos’ behavior towards the end. Snap judgments based on opinion and an unwillingness to give Dinah a chance to explain really caused me to dislike his character. While his attitude is typical of the time period, I was very disappointed in his behavior, especially since he claimed to be a Christian/concerned about Dinah’s soul. While the story was well written, it didn’t really capture my interest. Since I probably won’t read it again, I can’t see giving it over a four star rating.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through Blogging for Books in exchange for this honest review.



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